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Multiplex Systems

Most drink systems make sodas by carbonating warm water, chilling it by running it through a cold plate system, then mixing it with syrup in the nozzle where it is dispensed. Dispensing semi-chilled, cold plate created sodas over ice causes CO2 to escape. Cold water absorbs much more CO2 than warm water does, making a fizzier soda. In turn, this makes over foamy, watered down sodas that overflow out of the cup, sending potential profits down the drain. ​

The Multiplex Beverage System creates superior drinks by first pre-chilling filtered water, then carbonating it. The Multiplex also pre-chills the syrups as well, and sends it up to the dispenser where it is mixed with the cold carbonated filtered water, dispensing the perfect ice cold soda. All of the syrup and water lines are kept cold while traveling from the Multiplex to the dispenser by constantly circulating the cold carbonated water around the drink lines inside of an insulated beverage python. Ice cold beverages are then dispensed into the cup, minimizing ice meltage and eliminating watered down drinks. 

Our technicians have installed hundreds of Multiplex Systems up and down the east coast.